The Ultimate Guide to Living with Clarity and Openness

The idea behind The Transparency Theory is simple: get clear on your own expectations and the expectations of others. By doing this you are less likely to create blind spots that only get bigger over time. The consequence of blind spots is failure to connect with others. When you live by transparency you don't have any blind spots and can see yourself clearly. The most wonderful thing about being human is that we can change for the better despite our circumstances. We can break free from unhealthy habits and start thriving again. Living in accordance with the principles of transparency can help you do just that.


For many of us, 2021 is set to be a year that demands growth.

Whether it’s some healthy new habits in your life, or higher achievements at work, it’s time to step up and get going.

You have an inner strength, but sometimes can feel a little unsure of how to find it.


It’s hard to focus on yourself when people keep asking you for help! 


We’ve got everything you need to make the most of this year - and more - all in one place. We’re here to make sure you never miss another opportunity for growth.

Take a moment for me. Is there a mirror around? I want you to stand in front of that mirror and take off all of your clothes. It’s just me and you here. No mask. No judgement. No betrayal. THIS IS TRANSPARENCY..


Why is transparency important?


1 in 4 of us is emotionally vulnerable, which could be holding us back from reaching our full potential

I suggest following the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies in this book to identify and tackle the emotional roadblocks at the heart of your struggles

With this approach, you'll become more self-aware and have better relationships with those around you.

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Imagine if you could…


Walk away with a feeling of self efficacy....

What could you achieve?

Recognize and Act on Your Purpose Given Potential by Giving Yourself PERMISSION to Make it Manifest

Dream again and walk out
your vision, goals, &
aspirations and make them
come alive and live life to
the fullest.



The Transparency Theory gives you a road map to true transparency in your life.  You will leave with the skills to grow yourself, your relationships, and your future.

When you preorder this book today, You get the 8 Ways to Grow your Relationship and 8 Ways to ruin your Relationships PDF for FREE! 


Coach Paulette Simmons, CPCL

Hi, I am Paulette Simmons aka Coach Paulie to some.  I am a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPCL) that helps people to self discover paths that lead to healthier, stronger, & more satisfying relationships.

I love seeing people be empowered, inspired, & transformed to be a better version of themselves, which enhances and manifests better relationships. 

Why did I write this book?


Years of faith alone can feel tiresome. Not knowing how to really connect makes life seem like a lonely journey.

Being part of a tribe can mean a lot to people and the right one can make all the difference in life.

I invite you to this book to GROW. As we grow together, we will help you grow your connections, faith and energy with others too.

Here's what the Industry Says

Patrick Dougher

I had the honor of listening to Paulette Simmons present and each time her insights and ability to pull topics together was INSPIRING.  I know this book will activate your desire to have a greater impact with those that you touch every day. 

Master Coach, International Speaker. and Consultant

I want to share my journey with you.


I want to help you succeed.


I want to show you the path and give you the tools and resources needed to succeed.


Together we will: Protect your personal power and reach your goals by letting go of what no longer serves you.


Eliminate the threat of disconnection, loneliness and regret as you regain the ability to connect with your authentic self.


Overcome fears that stop you from getting in touch with your authentic self and reaching your desired goals.   


We will explore tools for emotional healing, happiness, success, fulfillment, love, relationships, romance and more.


It's your time.  

 When you preorder this book today, You get the 8 Ways to Grow your Relationship and 8 Ways to ruin your Relationships PDF for FREE! 

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